Creative writing

The Colne Riots – a project with Fisher More School

A selection of year 8 pupils from Ss John Fisher and Thomas More, Colne, were invited to take part in a project on the events that occurred in 1840 during the riots in Colne when a special constable was murdered. The aim of the project was to bring the history of the town to life for the pupils; demonstrating what the social conditions and issues were at this time so that they would have a better understanding of what life was like for the inhabitants of Colne. The children had a day at Colne Library where they had presentation on the events and then a walk around the scene of the crime showing the actual areas where the riots took place. They then participated in a creative writing workshop in the afternoon with Tommy Donbavand and were set the task of producing a piece of creative work on the subject, which they worked on back at school. On the 27th January 2011, the children showcased their work at a celebration event held at Colne Library to a specially invited audience of parents, teachers and library staff. The result of their work was to produce :

  • a play (modern version of the attack) & a diary entry
  • a map
  • a play on a heaven entry form
  • a rap
  • a diary entry recorded and performed
  • a wanted poster
  • a play of the murder of the officer
  • a letter to his father & newspaper report

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